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Friday, March 31, 2006

Still Here and Under Deadline

You thought I'd forgotten all about Project Spectrum, didn't you??? Well, you'd be half right. I didn't forget, but I am on holidays, so I've been incredibly lazy about my blogging. I have a huge photo shoot this afternoon to document all the beautiful, beautiful things you guys sent me, but in the meantime, these are my Project Spectrum items. The first is my favourite bag of all time. it is small enough to carry easily, but big enough and with enough random pockets to store all sorts of knitting projects. Melbourne people, email me for this designer's address - her prices are amazingly good.

My first ever toe up sock - in the Lorna's Laces Flames colourway - when I finish the other one (stop snickering! I heard that!) they'll be gifted.

Detail from a painting by a local artist. I can't show you the rest cause it has rude bits.

So what have I been doing on my holiday so far? I've slept in, stayed up until 1am playing Diablo (I'm sure Chris knows what I'm talking about here), knitted, read, gone out for breakfasts, bought yarn, and watched dvds. And this afternoon, there is apparently a yarn store in Albert Park I haven't been too (not Wool Baa), so I'm off to investigate.

I've also been keeping an eye on mrspao and her piratical husband, who underwent a cornea operation last week and is recovering nicely. Mrspao has been stressing and stressing and stressing, and you should all go and send her good wishes. Now. I'll know if you haven't.

I also got to laugh myself silly (and no, it wasn't far to go) at possibly the best cat pictures ever - Chaos getting to grips with his new catnip mousie.... this is just adorable. And the shittykitty seems to agree.....

And, in particular, the other Kelly is having something of a weight/health crisis that I can completely relate to - would anyone be interested in a little noncompetitive weight loss/exercise support group? I know I could use one! And go give Kelly good wishes. I'll be watching.

I am feeling really guilty for neglecting you guys, but I am back on track now, and there will be a photo Extravaganza (and I used a capital letter here so you'd know I'm serious) tomorrow.

And, it's been so long since I posted a Freaky Friday link, that I thought I'd put up something special......

Hey, it could have been worse!!

Good thing for the day: I have a lapful of big grey cat who loves me. Awww.
Bad thing for the day: Knitting or computer game? Decision, decisions!

Monday, March 27, 2006

On the Generosity of Bloggers

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee!

Now that that's out of the way: wow. Seriously. I got two packages delivered on Friday: one from Mrspao and one from Chris. Chris sent me a HUGE package for our Easter Yarn Swap project - yarn, music, knitting murder mystery books, chocolate, more chocolate, Burt's Bees cuticle was just incredible. I can't believe how generous you've been, Chris!!

The other package from mrspao contained two picture books (Six Dinner Sid is my new hero), chocolate (not actually in existence any more - *burp*) and three pink packages that I was forbidden to open until this morning. You have NO IDEA how hard it was to wait. I got a rose bath milk (which smells just divine), and two unbelievably pretty skeins of sock yarn.

I will photograph and post all of this bounty tomorrow - I'm still recovering from our weekend away, and there is a LOT of loot to be captured on camera!

The weekend away was lovely - lots of girl time with K, who is just gorgeous and who would look even more gorgeous with that tattoo we were talking about - a facial and massage, breakfasts, and a long delicious (slightly) drunken dinner at Lake House restaurant. K taught me to play Mahjong. I am HOOKED. I'm going looking for a set for myself this week!

I also needed recovery time from Friday - some lovely person bought me a beer at lunch, so I was all warm and fuzzy, and then my departing colleague and I went into our staff breakout area and I tasted absinthe for the first time. We had no water, sugar, etc, and the only glasses we could find were polystyrene cups. I loved it, it was amazing! Doing shots of absinthe in the staff lunch lounge on a Friday afternoon will be a treasured memory. Course, that meant I was fairly mellow for the long drive up to Daylesford.....

Good thing for the day: It's my birthday! Wooooo! Dave gave me a Nightmare Before Christmas watch and is currently out buying ingredients so he can make me my favourite breakfast.

Bad thing for the day: I wish I had the photos ready to show you the amazing gifts I've received - I just can't get across to you what beautiful presents I got, and how lucky and happy and loved it made me feel!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

No Photos So There

I went out for drinks with work people tonight. I may have overindulged a wee bit. But it was fun.

And I maybe slurred some of my words aliddlebitbutwhatsittoyou?

Good thing for today: tomorrow we plan to sleep in a little, go out for breakfast, rock up at work when we feel like it, then I'm going out to lunch with work people for my birthday (there will be NO managers at all at work tomorrow - even the acting manager is interstate. So I'm figuring we'll be at lunch as long as we darn well please), then I'm leaving at three to go up to Daylesford for the weekend. On Saturday, me and a friend will be having a deluxe luxury facial and reflexology massage, and Saturday night we'll be going out to the incredibly good Lake House Restaurant for dinner.

Bad thing for the day: My colleague is still leaving. Bastard.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


This is my skein of Carnival superwash from MsBrooklynyarnpusherHandspun. Isn't it just gorgeous?? And it goes so well with the Creme Eggs.... I think I'll use it to make a pair of Cadbury Creme Egg Socks for myself....

My STR Kit arrived!! Bumper Sticker! Badge! Folder! Miniskein!! YARN.

I immediately ripped the needles from the socks I've been knitting Dave and cast on. I've finished the picot edging and the first little bit of pattern. I am loving this pattern, it's funky, and the yarn is very very pretty indeed.

Good thing for the day: Yarn package.
Bad thing for the day: trustmeyoudon'twannaknow.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

In Which I Relate a Sweet and Funny Story

Humph. Vomit under the desk indeed. Nope, that's it, I'm sulking......or snoozing.....I forget which is which.

A while ago I posted about my stepfather having a death in his family. His son died under very bad circumstances, and he has had a rough time dealing with it. On Saturday, they had a scattering of the ashes ceremony on my stepbrother's farm, which was an occasion fraught with tension due to the presence of my stepfather's Out-Of-Her-Fucking-Mind exwife. However, she behaved herself. The same cannot be said for my stepbrother's cat.

Some background: Minnie used to belong to my mum and stepdad, but they gave her to my stepbrother when they went off around Australia for a year. Minnie adapted blissfully to life on a multi acre property. Minne is a spectacularly beautiful silver tabby - just about the prettiest kitty I've ever laid eyes on. But, as is often the way of these things, Minnie is what we in Australia call "as thick as two short planks". Gorgeous, but nobody home.

Anyhoo, this is my mum's account of the ceremony, in which Minnie saw no reason why she should be left out of the proceedings:

"You will not be surprised to learn that Mini refused to be left out of things. Followed us all down to the area where the ashes burial was to be held (a very nice spot at *stepbrother's* place), and during the Vicar's nice words, Mini was investigating the hole awaiting the ashes, sniffing at the pile of dirt (I was terrified she was going to pee in the dirt), and then when the Vicar threw a handful of dirt on the little casket in the hole, Mini was about to jump in to chase the dirt when the Vicar threw her a piece of dirt of her own to play with. She then wandered about smooching up to everyone, and even ended up being sprinkled with holy water. *Stepfather's grandsons* were delighted and said that their father would have thought Mini was the best part of the whole service.

Now isn't that just the typical cat???

Good thing for the day: Only. Four. More. Working. Days. Until. Two. Weeks. Vacation.
Bad thing for the day: I have errands to run at lunchtime. A coworker is selfishly leaving to go to a better job and I will miss him. To that end, I am going out at lunchtime to buy him a nice bottle of absinthe. Trust me, he'll love it. He's freaky like that.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

And We Have A Winnah!

Blogspot Blogspot on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

All of your entries were great - I cracked up laughing when I was reading them, and I'm sure Meiko would be mortified if she knew all of the aspersions being cast on her character out there!

But I have had to narrow it down to one: And the Winner is:

Chocolatetrudi!! for her caption: "Ah, here she comes. Now she's sitting down. Has she seen it? No. Waaaait. Waaaait. Aha! She's stepped in it. I knew under the computer desk was the best place to vomit."

This is most definitely Meiko's modus operandi.

Thank you all so much for entering - I'm feeling better today, and we're off to the gym and then the movies later, which should help as well.

Chocolatetrudi: email me and give me all the dark and dirty details on your secret yarn cravings......

Good thing for the day: Hee hee. Captions. I'm going to be rereading these for a while, which is saaad.....
Bad thing for the day: Eh. None yet.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Awwww Shucks

Hey! Why does Meiko get all the attention?? I demand equal air time!

Your captions are great, guys.....I laughed myself silly. And my, anonymous husbands of all sorts seem to be entering this competition!

I will decide a winner (or throw a dice, there are so many good entries) tomorrow afternoon - Sunday, Australia time - and announce it Sunday night. Then the winner may email me preferences for yarn/treats/yarny treats, and I will send them a package.

Good thing for the day: I am going yarn shopping later for an Easter yarn swap I'm involved in. And also for yarn for my mum. Bwahahaha.
Bad thing for the day: I'll think about that later when I've woken up a bit.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


I'm gonna be straight with you guys. I am miserable. No getting around it, no point denying it!
So I'm going to steal one of Chris' ideas. Above is a picture of Meiko.

Give me a caption! And I will send the winner yarn. And timtams. Or possibly gluten free treats, depending.

Go on, cheer me up, I dare you!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

100 Things Cause You Asked For It

No photos today: blogger is sulking.

But! 100 things about me! Wooooo!

1. As well as my way cool tattoo, my right eyebrow is pierced. I used to have lots of earring holes in my ears, but I've let most of them grow over - I only have nine with earrings in them now.

2. I have a scar on my chest resulting from my rampant curiosity as a toddler as to what was on the table. Turns out it was a kettle of boiling water. Doh. The scar is only about an inch long and half that wide, so I figure I got out of it pretty easy.

3. I was once less than six feet away from David Bowie.

4. Whenever I see a cat on tv or on the street, I say hello to it in a silly squeaky voice. I am truly lame. If I am with Gibbering at the time, we will both break off the conversation, simultaneously squeak at the cat, and resume the conversation without missing a beat.

5. I have time to do this list tonight because the bastards are showing a repeat of House instead of a new episode.

6. Because of some medication I am on, I can't drink more than one mouthful of alcohol. Sometimes this makes me very sad.

7. If I see a dog on the street or in a park, I must stop and pat it.

8. I am addicted to diet coke. It used to be Lemon Diet Coke, then that got replaced by Lime Diet Coke. Currently, I drink Vanilla Diet Coke, although I will drink Coke Zero in a pinch.

9. I make the best vegie lasagne I have ever tasted.

10. I have seen a Geisha on the streets of Kyoto. Me and the two gals I was with stopped and stared like it was a rock star. It was SO COOL.

11. I got married in a big purple and black dress. I carried a black lace fan and wore a black lace veil.

12. Our bridal waltz was an Elizabethan pavanne danced to "Colour Me Once" by the Violent Femmes from the Crow soundtrack.

13. The wedding was in an Art Deco movie theatre. Afterwards, we screened Robin Hood with Errol Flynn and provided all of our guests with choc tops.

14. I once had to have an operation for carpal tunnel syndrome because I did too much embroidery.

15. I am terrified of dentists. The first time I saw my current dentist, I hadn't been to a dentist in ten years, and I sat and sobbed uncontrollably in the waiting room. He was very very nice and I am no longer afraid to go to the dentist. I'm not thrilled about it either, but I no longer need Valium to keep me still in the chair!

16. My family had a Great Dane who was scared of the chickens in the back yard and had to have her food dish on an upturned bucket so that they wouldn't steal her dinner.

17. I like the people I work with. This is a constant surprise to me.

18. I used to be a supervisor at the Evil Insurance Company. I had to look after sixteen staff. This experience means that you couldn't pay me enough ever to be a manager again.

19. In real life, I am shy. I tend to be standoffish until I know people a bit better.

20. Despite number 19, I am a very good administrator/customer service wizard. I never lose my patience with clients.

21. Not even the client who accused me of being a bureaucratic procrastinating bungler trying to pass the buck.

22. I love Edward Gorey's artwork and writing. Especially the Gashlycrumbtinies.

23. I am considering getting another tattoo with one of Edward Gorey's characters on it.

24. I was vegetarian until I'd been in sweltering hot Japan for a few days. Then it was eat protein or die, so I started eating fish again.

25. I love to read. I have around 2000 books.

26. I collect antique children's books. I have a very fine collection, if I do say so myself.

27. I am bad at remembering when tv shows are on, so I generally wait until they come out on dvd and then watch the whole season over a couple of weeks.

28. I find it very difficult to sleep if Dave isn't there.

29. There is in existence somewhere a picture of me at our wedding dinner with chopsticks stuck in my mouth pretending to be fangs. All Class I Tell You.

30. I love going out for breakfast. It's one of my hobbies.

31. I once won a contest at a baby shower while stoned. I also bought Tupperware. I have no recollection of this.

32. Dave cheerily let it slip to my mother one day that I was stoned at that baby shower.

33. I didn't kill him. But the temptation was strong within me.

34. I think people who are cruel to animals are truly evil. I would like to lock them in a small room and hurt them.

35. I hate moving house. I hate it with a passion, and I usually fall apart for about two weeks afterwards.

36. I hate mess but I also hate housework.

37. I can't pass a puddle without stomping in it with both feet.

38. I love classical music but I don't listen to it enough.

39. I am an alto in an amateur choir, which I absolutely adore, although I know my voice isn't good enough ever to be a soloist.

40. I found out the hard way that it's less than totally acceptable to tell your manager that you'd rather eat your own feet than go to a business planning session.

41. I am a total smartarse in meetings. I cannot keep my mouth shut.

42. I always assume that people don't like me until it is irrevocably proven that they do.

43. Gibbering and I once spent an entire afternoon emailing each other back and forth with really bad Latin puns.

44. I hate walking places, but I will happily do twice the distance on the treadmill at the gym.

45. I am incredibly stubborn.

46. I actually say "Eeek!" when I'm startled.

47. I have a BA (Hons) in Elizabethan History.

48. Bad grammar and spelling bugs me - my mum brought me up properly!

49. I have a collection of strange stuffed toy animals, including two bats, a ferret, a baby Cthulu (which Purplexity knitted for me), a crow, and a teddy bear dressed as a Cistercian monk.

50. Japanese food is my favourite.

51. I am a good writer, but I rarely write anything.

52. My maternal instincts appear to be completely channelled into my cats.

53. And my 'nephew', E's son N.

54. N once threw up on me twice in one evening. I just laughed. I have three cats. A four month baby could never produce anything like what they occasionally throw up.

55. I have an ambition to learn Russian one day.

56. I am very organised at work, but at home will do things like forgetting to pick up the bag with my lunch it to take with me to work.

57. The one thing guaranteed to bring me out of a depression is someone who is feeling worse than I am. Then I forget my miseries and set about making them feel better.

58. I love buying presents for people, but am hopeless at keeping them a secret.

59. I once won a ballroom dancing competition with a partner I had only just met, doing a dance that I had only learned the night before.

60. My ballroom dancing experience comes in handy for ducking and weaving through crowds.

61. I am an INTJ.

62. I own at least four fountain pens.

63. When I was a little toddler I was in the car with my family. Someone cut my father off. I piped up and innocently inquired "Was that man a fuckwit, Daddy?" .

64. I am very proud of number 63.

65. Even as a child, I thought male superheroes were boring. Female heroes were much more interesting.

66. I read nineteenth century literature for fun.

67. My favourite gemstone is amethyst - my engagement ring is an antique amethyst flanked by two diamonds.

68. I used to have a mohawk.

69. I can't bear the taste of coriander - apparently it's a genetic thing.

70. I hate crowded shopping centres. I freak out completely and have to leave soon after arriving.

71. Dave proposed to me on top of a cliff in Cornwall with the waves crashing and the wind blowing - it was obscenely romantic.

72. I am scared to death of spiders, but Dave won't let me kill them - he will carefully take them outside instead.

73. I have a collection of vintage clothes stashed somewhere where the cats can't get at them.

74. When I can be bothered dancing, I go off like a frog in a sock.

75. Possibly only Gibbering and Purplexity will understand no. 74.

76. I loathe and detest having my photo taken, and will do grievous bodily harm to anyone who tries.

77. I adore my cats, and will talk about them endlessly to anyone who will sit still long enough.

78. My favourite colour is purple, but I have been taking a strong liking to green recently.

79. I found out a few years ago that one of the bitchy girls I used to go to school with got fired from her job at Copperart (crappy gift store) for being rude to the customers. I was almost hysterical with glee at learning this.

80. My friend E and I once went on a three day break together. We had packed almost exactly the same books to take with us.

81. I sleep with earplugs - Dave snores, and we live on a main road. No earplugs, no sleep - I have no idea how I coped for so long without them!

82. When I was in Japan with Gibbering and E, we went to a crappy theme park thingy. We went into the haunted house thinking it would be equally crappy. We ended up screaming in terror and trying to barge out of the emergency exit. The manager had to come in and get us. This was humiliating and funny in equal parts.

83. I have a thing for zombie movies/apocalyptic movies. If you can combine the two, so much the better.

84. I think Johnny Depp, Mila Jovavich, Christopher Ecclestone and Kate Beckinsale are some of the hottest people alive. Rrrowwr.

85. I hate watching vampire movies where the vampire loses and is killed by some moronic goody two shoes.

86. I once ended up in the Emergency Room because I coughed so hard I thought I'd broken a rib. I hadn't, I'd just ripped all the muscles in one side of my back. Boy, was I relieved! Not.

87. The first time I got drunk after I turned eighteen, I have a very hazy memory of dancing like a maniac doing the Time Warp. Thankfully, I don't remember much else. However, the spectacular hangover will stay with me forever.

88. Because of no. 87, I can't drink Jim Beam or Southern Comfort. The mere smell of it makes me hurl.

89. I hate hurling. I would rather be in pain than feel nauseous.

90. We have a rule in our house: if the phone rings or the doorbell goes, the other one has to answer it if you have a cat on your lap.

91. I have a tendency to say "Bollocks!" at the top of my lungs at inappropriate moments.

92. I love reading blogs.

93. I love my blog.

94. I love you guys!

95. Yep, it's obviously waaaay past my bedtime.

96. One of my childhood friends is now a well known fantasy author. She has just had her fourth book published - I am very very proud of her!

97. I am a control freak - if I have to go do errands at lunchtime from work, I'm intensely uncomfortable if I don't have the entire thing planned in advance.

98. Dave is also a control freak. We cannot ever cook together - one of us cooks, the other stays the hell away from the kitchen and nobody gets hurt.

99. When we were still in our gothy phase, Dave got rushed to the Emergency Room with a kidney stone. The nurse asked me if he was always that pale. I replied "No, but he'd like to be!" I was kind of freaked out at the time, okay??

100. That's it. I'm all out!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Nine And a Half Repeats

Nine and a half repeats down, a heckuva lot to go. But at least I have an expert consultant...

Look, I'm telling you, I'm across this project, Mum! I've factored in the differentials and written up a proactive forward looking....Hey, stop taking pictures while I'm strategising!

You should have seen the look on her face when I insisted on removing her from the knitting. She'd fallen fast asleep on it and she was NOT impressed.

I'm really enjoying knitting this thing. I was a bit daunted by the number of repeats I had to do: 23!!! (or possibly 27 - I've put the book down somewhere). But I'm cruising along happily with this - I love the way the colours are working out, and it's simple enough to be relaxing without being so simple it's mindnumbing. And purple is always good. You know it.

I think I've caught mrspao's blues.....I'm tired, and feeling icky, and I can't find a book I want to read, and the real kicker? I have money to spend this week (having finally paid off the STR sock club debt of DOOOOOM), and I can't find any yarn I like enough to make the effort to buy. Also, I'm looking forward to working late tomorrow. When I include certain other factors, it becomes clear that I'm heading for one of my funky little depressions. Crap.

Good thing for the day: Chris' 100 things meme. I learnt some interesting stuff - Basic Training???? I am SO impressed! I may do one of these for myself if I can think of 100 interesting facts!

Bad thing for the day: I wanna go visit mrspao so we can sit on the couch and cuddle her cats and eat chocolate and sulk together. But I can't. Poop.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Sunny, Sandy, Surfy, Slacker Sorrento

The view from the deck of the house we stayed at. I spent quite some time out here in the shade, with the cool breeze blowing. And that little orange thing on the table? My first EVER toe up sock! I grabbed my dpns, my new LL's in Flames, and printed out Wendy's fantastic toe-up sock pattern. I have been scared of trying this technique, but this went swimmingly, and I think I may be hooked.

The shallows on the foreshore at Sorrento. Pretty!

And while we were paddling, this friendly chap bounced into the shallows to say hello!

This is the view from our table at the restaurant we went to for dinner on Saturday night. SO pretty. Although if you ever do eat at a certain seaside restaurant in Sorrento? Avoid the waitress with the pink headband. They hired her purely for her looks.

So, all up, it was a very nice, very relaxing weekend. We walked, we went out for breakfasts, we inspected more crappy tourist-oriented artwork than I can count, we went out for dinner, and we played SongStar. This was way more fun than I'd hoped, especially since I didn't take the precaution of getting drunk first.

We're home now - today is a public holiday here (THANK ALL THE GODS), and I'm catching up on my blogging, and I've picked up the Kikass shawl again. Check out the funky Kikass button on my sidebar! Thanks so much mrspao!!

Ooooh, that's enough effort for now.

Good thing for the day: the hot weather broke last night, it's raining, the cats have forgiven us for going away, and i have a whole day to knit and surf blogs.
Bad thing for the day: It's....shall we say... my moontime, and there is no chocolate in the house.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

In Which I Did NOT Buy Yarn - Not Even Technically!

Lorna's Laces in Flames - I swapped one of my skeins of STR to Yarnivorous for these. I am doubly glad I did, now that I have joined Project Spectrum!

I also swapped for two balls of white Patonyle sock yarn - I want to try stripy socks in mauve and grey for the lovely L (otherwise known as the spinning wheel fairy. You know who you are).

The object under the sock yarn is a hat/chemo cap Lynne made for me to give to my colleague - the 50% chance she will keep her hair through this chemo turned out to be a bad bet. This hat (not pictured separately cause my camera skills are.. well... crap) is a beautiful dark red with grey underlying it, and it is just about the softest thing I've ever felt! It's gorgeous - thanks Yarnivorous!

In knitting news, I think we've settled on a name for this duel of the aran shawls:

KIKASS. Standing for: Kelly Incites Kellie: Aran Shawl Showdown. The lovely mrspao has offered to make us a button. Chris has suggested duelling banjos as our theme music. Dave has asked plaintively whether I will be knitting the whole time we're down in Sorrento this weekend. Of course I won't! Probably. But I'm not sure who'd be brave enough to stop me, either......

Speaking of which, I am posting the Freaky Friday Link a day early, as we'll be leaving more or less straight from work tomorrow afternoon to head down and make the most of the long weekend. Also to try and battle through the Traffic From Hell caused by the (apparently arbitrary) closing off major roads to facilitate the Commonwealth Games which start here next week. Bastards. The Games haven't even started yet and there is some serious road rage building out there! Purplexity has graciously agreed to feed the kitties while we're away.

Good thing for the day: Craft Night. I patted Gibbering's kitties, fed Angus a french fry, swapped yarn with Lynne, and gossiped. Excellent. I even got a cup of tea.

Bad thing for the day: I won't be posting for the next few days!! But I will be taking the camera with me. See you all soon!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Battle of the Shawls Day One (or Mum, don't read this!)

I am using this Zephyr which Chris sent me, doubled with the bottom picture (oops...)

This is the first repeat - it's actually a lot darker than this, but you can see the colour shifts better.

The other yarn: multicoloured 2-ply from Marta's. This is gonna be one pretty shawl. Kelly has suggested "Mission Impossible" for our theme music - any other suggestions?

I also feel we should have a button...just for this... I am so lame! The tale of the Knitting Olympics bemused my coworkers. The tale of the duelling shawl knitters sucked away another shred of my credibility.

Lulu has stuffed herself between two bookcases. Meiko has joined her so that they can scuffle in an enclosed space. Sigh. No, my mistake - Meiko is now swatting at her under the bookcase. Good Lord. If I have to rescue any squashed cats.....

This post is remarkable for the fact that I took and photoshopped and prepared these photos for the web all by myself - usually I take the photos, Dave prepares them for me. Heh.

Good thing for the day: House is about to start and I have the house (and my knitting) to myself.

Bad thing for the day: I can't bring the sock yarn mrspao sent me to work so I can fondle it during the day.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Meiko Muses

I wandered lonely as a.... Wait, was that a tin opener???

Check this out. Don't say you're not tempted.

I have to go now, because the evil Knit Wit has challenged me to a knit out, and I must go and stash dive in order to make it look like I was prepared and not just blowing hot air.....

Dammit, where did I put that yarn?????

Good thing for the day: Yarrrrrn.
Bad thing for day: Need more Yarrrrrn.

Monday, March 06, 2006

That Can't Be Comfortable

I'm so asleep I can't hear you lalalala......

This was taken while she was snoozing on a cardboard box on top of another cardboard box on top of a wardrobe. She likes it up there. And by golly she looks adorable while she's at it.

I'm still feeling grotty today. A normal person would say "oops, I'm sick!" and take the day off. I, on the other hand, would a) go to work, b) go to the gym, c) do a full workout, and d) walk home from the gym. I am obviously a) incredibly stubborn, b) even more stubborn than that, c) pigheaded, and d) a moron.

I am knitting, I swear! But it's kind of boring knitting. I want to learn more stitches, cabling, bobbles, etc, so I'm doing squares for an afghan, sampling one stitch on each square. I'm kind of enjoying this slow, plain knitting after the Olympic Shawl Incident, but it doesn't make for terribly pretty pictures!

I thought I'd throw in a Dave quote, inspired by Tink's magnificent Hoop Conversations: This one occurred when we were on our way into ChadstonetheFashionCapital.

*Dave beeps the car in front for not immediately noticing the arrow is green*
Dave: I shouldn't have done that!
Me: Why?
Dave: I was just being impatient and rude! I should only beep people if I absolutely have to.
Dave: Or if they're dickheads.

Good thing for the day: I am about to achieve going to bed early!!
Bad thing for the day: My stepfather is hurting right now. There was a death in his family, and it happened in a way that is tremendously difficult to deal with. My stepfather is just about the sweetest man alive, and it's unfair that this should have happened.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Wheels n' Things

This is my new spinning wheel! She is an Ashford. But I know nothing else about her. A few more accessories, and I will have another hobby!! Although possibly I am falling away from the True Path of Knitting here.

And these are my other set of stichmarkers from Mrspao! I am so embarrassed - I didn't look further into the box than the beauties on the top layer - I may never have found them if mrspao hadn't sent a polite hint...... I just didn't actually think it could get even better. Aren't they pretty? I wore my new earrings out to dinner on Saturday night, and they were much admir'd.

We went out on Saturday morning for a brief sortie into ChadstonetheFashionCapital (big local shopping centre. Generally filled with people looking grim and trying to find the exits while attempting to avoid the idiots wandering around under the happy impression that there is no better way to spend a Saturday. Generally, if we are there for more than half an hour I freak out at all the people rushing to buy random crap and I have to leave.) so that Dave could preorder a copy of the latest computer game coming out soon. Which, frankly, was incredibly dull. But I also got to press my face up against the pet shop window and make squeaky sounds of adoration at the two Rag Doll kittens. Soon afterwards, Dave got nervous (smart man!) and we left.

I haven't bought any yarn in two weeks now. Perhaps I'm ill.

Good thing for the day: Confirmation that this coming up weekend ( a long weekend for us Aussies) we are off to Sorrento with four friends. The six of us are renting a house near the beach, which we intend to use as a base for reading, sleeping, eating, knitting (okay, that's just me), eating, talking, eating, and sleeping. Can't wait!

Bad thing for the day: I've been a bit under the weather the last couple of days. I'm exhausted but I'm not sleeping properly. We went for a hard thirty-minute walk this afternoon for some exercise, and I spent a while when we got home deciding whether to throw up or pass out. Fortunately my body appears to be as indecisive as I am and we compromised with a nice long shower. And, oddly, a couple of times lately (well, this morning) when I've wanted a drink, I've chosen GATORADE over DIET COKE. I wonder if this means I'm getting fitter or if I'm just getting older?

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Mrspao has totally outdone herself... I am so spoiled!! These are some lovely, lovely earrings she made me - these are immediately in my 'wearing to work every day' rotation.

Mystery boxes - hint: the top one contained the earrings, the bottom one contained:

TEN beautiful stitch markers! They're so lovely! I especially like the one with the cat face on it. I am using these on my next project, even if I don't need them!

English sugar..... a sugar mouse, some Parma Violets lollies, some chewy spearmint lollies, candy love hearts, Viennese truffle bars (Dave has taken immediate custody of these!), and McVitie's chocolate biscuits.... Mmm.....

Honey, fig and vanilla bath essence, walnut and rosemary hand lotion, and olive, sage and almond skin balm. I wish you guys could smell how good this stuff... well, smells!

So, so, soft sock yarn in beautiful greys and charcoals!

A skein of Colinette in the Florentine colourway - so pretty! I shall have to look for a pattern worthy of it!

And finally...Cadbury Creme Eggs!! Hey, I think I'm getting a little typecast here! I have now eaten Cadbury Creme Eggs from no less than three different countries!

THANKYOU MRSPAO!!! I had such fun opening this package, I was like a little kid with a Christmas present! And you're so generous! Included in the card was a hint: "Part two will be on its way as soon as Amazon has delivered it." There's a part TWO??? I am so lucky!!

*bounce bounce bounce*
I ate English chocolate for breakfast. I am now all sugared up with nowhere to go!

I went to play cards (well, sit on the couch and knit while other people played cards) at a friends house last night, and I came home with.... a spinning wheel!! K's mother (Hi L!!!) swapped it to me for some handknit socks - sweet deal! Which reminds me, L - you need to send me some clues as to your favourite colours so that I can knit you another pair! I need to get some bobbins and a lazy susan and a niddy noddy, but I have the feeling Yarnivorous will be happy to help out with that! Pics of the spinning wheel tomorrow - it has already passed the feline cautious sniff test (which consisted of Dorian sitting well back and waiting to see what happened when Meiko sniffed it), and of course the feline 'pull off the fleece waiting to be spun and roll around in it' test.

In the words of K when she's feeling that gentle alcoholic glow, "I Love You Guys!"

Good thing for the day: I now have more yarn than I did this time yesterday. Heh.
Bad thing for the day: Chris has sent me long list of the yarn stores she lives/works near. I think she just likes the sound I make when I hit the floor in a swoon.....

Friday, March 03, 2006

Baby Angus

Angus - see blog post from 17 th Feb - as a kitten. He was tiny, and completely adorable. And then he GREW. I have never seen a cat grow so fast - he is now a huge, healthy, solidly built handsome young cat!

Ain't got much for y'all today - it was a hot night last night and not much sleep took place.

Freaky Friday Link: Here.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


My parcel arrived!!!!!!!!! The pictures are in reverse order cause of the old technological incompetence thang.... This is a sweet card, including a greeting from the Chaos monster himself, a set of four sock shaped (however did you know? ;) needle protectors, and a cd full of very good music. When I heard the opening lines of I Will Knit For You, I started laughing and didn't stop the entire song. Dave smiled politely. There is no cd in the case because it is in the cd player in the car.
Candy!! Two Cadbury Creme Eggs (again, however did you know??), and a bag of Hershey's kissables - candy coated chocolate kisses. This bag has a hot date with my next bout of PMS.

Schaeffer Anne sock yarn - this stuff is incredibly soft and the colours are absolutely glorious - I've been considering buying some of this yarn, and now I get to try it out!

Ironstone yarns sock yarn - purples! Greens! My favourites! I had to be restrained from ripping the needles out of my Koigu socks and casting on immediately.

Purple/grey/blue jacquard sock yarn! Woo! This is another brand of sock yarn I've been wanting to try. Come to think of it, there are probably very few brands of sock yarn I don't want to try.... but I digress.

An entire cone of Jaggerspun wool in Plum!!! I have been eyeing this stuff off for ages. I feel another peacock shawl coming on - and this one will be for ME!

The box of goodies. It was actually neater when I first opened it. But then I had to rummage through it and ooh and aah and show things to Dave, so I had to stuff it all back in for the photo shoot....

THANK YOU SO MUCH CHRIS!!!!! This really made my day. It arrived soon after a convoluted argument with a client in which I was called some interesting things and accused of other interesting things. Sigh. Customer Service can be tough!

Good thing for the day: See all of the above!
Bad thing for the day: My reluctance to wait until tonight to blog this beautiful haul means that I am now very late for work. Bye Now!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sock Yarn Frenzy

This is the little tin lunchbox I carry my sock kit around in - it comfortably holds a large skein of yarn, a set of dpns, scissors, measuring tape, sewing needles, a finished sock and a sock in progress. I was tired of dragging my sock kit around in a plastic bag - this is far more elegant! And besides, the two headed bat with the top hats appealed to me, and I needed an excuse to buy it.

I went to the gym last night - the first time in a week, and boy could I tell! I did the same workout as usual, but it was harder to get through. And I had to laugh at the pair of girls who were 'working out' together - ie, they were wandering around the women's only room doing a twenty second workout at each machine and giggling a lot. They're going to be so disappointed when this doesn't magically make them fit.

And speaking of gyms - I used to go to a very upmarket gym in another suburb, and the experience was frankly terrifying. The workout was fine, but it was the changing rooms which sorely tested my resolve. I would wander in there, bright red and sweaty, and go about the business of getting changed in a communal area. Which, despite my tragic body image issues, I managed without too much hassle. The problem was, the changing rooms were inevitably filled with very slim, very blonde girls who wandered about wearing very little, calling each other 'darling' and talking to each other about their last skiiing holidays. I was always afraid that one of them would suddenly realise that my pheremones were different, and that the whole hive would then turn on me and rip me to shreds.

Good thing for the day: I am *this* close to finishing the purple socks that it has shamefully taken me almost two months to finish - and then I'm knitting myself a pair with some of the Koigu I got for Valentines.

Bad thing for the day: The stupid sodding bastard underwire in my bra just broke and is now apparently trying to make its way into my ribs.