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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Battle of the Shawls Day One (or Mum, don't read this!)

I am using this Zephyr which Chris sent me, doubled with the bottom picture (oops...)

This is the first repeat - it's actually a lot darker than this, but you can see the colour shifts better.

The other yarn: multicoloured 2-ply from Marta's. This is gonna be one pretty shawl. Kelly has suggested "Mission Impossible" for our theme music - any other suggestions?

I also feel we should have a button...just for this... I am so lame! The tale of the Knitting Olympics bemused my coworkers. The tale of the duelling shawl knitters sucked away another shred of my credibility.

Lulu has stuffed herself between two bookcases. Meiko has joined her so that they can scuffle in an enclosed space. Sigh. No, my mistake - Meiko is now swatting at her under the bookcase. Good Lord. If I have to rescue any squashed cats.....

This post is remarkable for the fact that I took and photoshopped and prepared these photos for the web all by myself - usually I take the photos, Dave prepares them for me. Heh.

Good thing for the day: House is about to start and I have the house (and my knitting) to myself.

Bad thing for the day: I can't bring the sock yarn mrspao sent me to work so I can fondle it during the day.


Blogger Chris said...

Oh, that Marta's yarn is purty! The two yarns look lovely together.

Hmm, I would guess you need to have the Dueling Banjos music playing in the background...

12:08 AM  
Blogger mrspao said...

yay for you! I'll make you a button - send me an email with what you think you'd like :)

4:03 AM  
Anonymous jessica~ said...

Good job with the photos! That yarn is very pretty.

4:51 AM  
Blogger Carrie K said...

Darn, I meant to look at that pattern this morning.

Pretty colors!

The cats will be fine. Hopefully.

5:48 AM  

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