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Tuesday, August 29, 2006





*Unattractive noises relating to phlegm*

Monday, August 28, 2006


Pretty citrine and silver necklace! Bought on Saturday for a ridiculously low price.

You'll have to talk amongst yourselves now. I am home sick.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


You know that evil trap knitters often fall into? The one where you discover you don't have the right size needles for a project? And you just dash into the yarn store to pick up the right ones? And your eye just happens to fall on an object of such gorgeousness that you are unable to leave the store without it? Yep.

After the sock yarn frenzy of last week I am broke until the next millenium, but Dave stepped in like a true hero and insisted he buy it for me. Awwwwww. And last night he cooked dinner: toasted olive bread spread with blue cheese and topped with caramelized garlic and shallots in sweetened balsamic. Oh yeah, there are many reasons why he's a keeper!

We had a great day yesterday. We were up early (thankyou, cats who are obviously starving even though when you sit down you can't see your feet), and ended up going to Ripe for breakfast. If you are in or near the Melbourne are, and you haven't been to Ripe - go now. Immediately. You have to book first though - even for breakfast on a weekday - they are insanely popular. I had honey glazed roast pumpkin on wholegrain toast topped with an egg and drizzled with rocket and garlic pesto. Yummmmmm. Then we did a little shopping in their gourmet produce area. Lime treacle. Nuff said.

Then we came home, collapsed for a bit, and headed off again, via the yarn store (see above) and wandering up and down Chapel St. And it was a beautiful day for wandering about!

Good thing for the day: I have another finished object!

Bad thing for the day: I haven't blocked or photographed it yet. But soon!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

If Peeve Ruled The World

I lifted this from Mim's blog - such a cool list!

If Peeve Ruled the World:

1. All those fantastic US yarn shops would immediately open branches in Australia. More specifically, Melbourne, because that is where I live.

2. And those yarn shops would have free yarn.

3. All moviegoers would be struck dumb the instant they stepped into the movie theatre.

4. Drivers who cut in front of you and then give you the finger would immediately have a very expensive part of their car stop working.

5. And they would be unable to order replacement parts for at least six weeks.

6. I would have a magic portal which I could use to materialise next to the politician of my choice so that I could smack them upside the head.

7. This magic portal would also be used on a regular basis to visit my blogging friends overseas.

8. I would keep the Depression Monster in a small cage and poke it with sharp sticks for my amusement.

9. Hot weather would only happen to other people.

10. Cats would wait until a respectable hour to demand their humans wake up and feed them.

Okay, now you all go and do your lists!

Good thing for the day: My lap is currently full of a very warm very sleepy very happy Dorian.

Bad thing for the day: Dorian has been dribbling with ecstacy all over my tshirt. Ew.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Meiko Butt

The Dorian Shawl. It is nearing completion! I'm in the top section, and decreasing rapidly. So soft! But I am looking forward to starting my next project too.

Meiko paw. Not the Fat Fluffy Paw of Death, more like the Small Grey Paw of Mischief.

And Meiko graciously offers her help with shawl photography by adding her butt to the composition. Even her butt is cute!

Today is Friday. Thank all the gods.

Good thing for the day: We're having cheese for afternoon tea at work today. I have been delegated to bring Edam, a cheese knife, and backup crackers. Cheese is good. What a pity that I am having lunch with Wafflehouse beforehand and will probably fill myself up on noodles and this amazing hot chocolate flavoured with cardamom....

Bad thing for the day: I made puppy dog eyes at Dave and still he refuses to take me out for breakfast. What?? And now I hear basketball noise coming from the loungeroom! He's watching a basketball tape at 6.45am?? I think a whupping is in order....

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pretty Things

Laceweight extravaganza. Well, two cakes of laceweight. But pretty!

The one on the left is a beautiful soft blend of greens, pinks, and purples. The one on the right is a gorgeous deep dark pink - almost too deep to be called pink, really. The one on the left I don't have a project in mind for yet, and the one on the right is slated for the project after the next project.

That was a good and thorough description of two cakes of yarn that you can obviously see for yourselves because I posted pictures of them.

I was thinking last night - but not too loudly cause Dave was watching basketball - that basketball has been responsible for possibly the most embarrassing thing I've ever said in public. We were at a game in Melbourne (I forget who was playing. I was there strictly as companion to my beloved, who in all fairness has been to more yarn shops than I have been to basketball games) and I remarked (possibly a teeny bit too loudly) while watching the half time show that "If they had one more cheerleader they could spell out JAILBAIT!" Yep. Intelligent commentary, that's me.

Which is why the other night I refrained from commenting on some of the stupid things the commentators were saying, like "I think he was looking for a user friendly roll there.." (Repressed comment was: "Aren't we all!") and "And he's used his left hand - so very soft, just amazing!" (Repressed comment was: A fit of juvenile giggles.)

These things are only a few of the reasons why I am constantly amazed when people mistake me for a grownup.

Good thing for the day: Enjoying knitting my Dorian shawl. I figure it's about two thirds complete!

Bad thing for the day: Another enchanting opportunity to fight to stay awake during a bimonthly conference/session thingy.

P.S - EMMA! Get back to work or I'll dob!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


There was going to be a proper post this morning, but I got distracted by this. It's all ChocolateTrudi's fault. I just had to look. FIVE skeins later, I'm broke, but smug.

I am so easily distracted. While looking at yarn, I forgot my budget (easily done, as I'm sure you'll all agree), my breakfast, making my lunch, and my blog post. Sigh. I'm now posting from work. Don't tell anyone.

In other news, the dashing ladies of JenLa have come up with a fantastic new concept: FOAD Thursday. That's Fuck Off And Die Thursday. There's going to be a button and everything. I am far too excited about this concept.

Good thing for the day: Sock yarn.......

Bad thing for the day: My ability to throw caution to the winds and buy sock yarn at a terrifying rate.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sunday Afternoon Sun Part 3

While the other cats frolic and roll around in an unseemly manner, Lulu maintains her dignity.

Mostly. Mmm.... sun-warmed Lulu belly......

The Dorian shawl is going well - stitches are reducing rapidly and I'm getting through the rows faster and faster. I am really enjoying this shawl, and I have to say that since instituting my "One Project At A Time" policy I haven't regretted it once. And I'm getting a heckuvalot more done. I may need shoulder reconstruction surgery sooner than expected, but hey. You can't knit a shawl without breaking skeins. Or something.

What do I have planned for the day? Work, then off to the chemist for a prescription refill, a quick lunch purchase on the way back, then more work. I did have one major work victory yesterday, though - I updated our website!!! It made my head hurt, and thank goodness for training manuals, but I did manage to find the right page, edit the content, approve and republish successfully. Must now resist the temptation to call myself a web diva.

Good thing for the day: Ummm..... it's not Monday any more? I know, I know, it's still Monday for some of you, but at least it's the end of Monday, right?

Bad thing for the day: I have a headache. Grumble.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Sun-Warmed Dorian Monday

Something to chase away the Monday morning blues - Dorian, caught mid-roll yesterday afternoon in the sun. I was trying to get a picture of him upside down with his paws in the air waiting for a belly rub, but obviously some fleeting sense of danger to his dignity prevailed and he moved too quickly.

It occurs to me that all three of my cats are perfect for this month's Project Spectrum.....

The Dorian shawl continues apace - finally the rows are starting to get shorter and shorter, so I feel like I'm actually making some progress.

Good thing for the day: I had a good weekend. Breakfast with Gibbering was really good - I hightly recommend the Turtle Bean Cafe for anyone in/near the Hughesdale area near Melbourne.

Bad thing for the day: Monday Morning Blows Chunks.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Meiko expresses her delight at my attempts to take photos of her.

Meiko expresses her growing concern that Lulu is sneaking up behind her.

Meiko expresses the spirit of madness that posesses all cats at one time or another.

Meiko expresses her total complete absolute cuteness.

Today is a gorgeous sunny Sunday, so we let the cats into our enclosed front porch so they could toast their little furry bellies in the direct afternoon sun. I took photos of all three of them, but it has been pointed out to me recently that Meiko hasn't made an appearance on my blog lately, so I thought I'd put her in the prime time slot.

No, I don't know what I meant by prime time slot either.

There would have been many more cute shots of Meiko but the little shit (by which I mean angelic little puss) wouldn't stay still for more than about 0.5 seconds.

Good thing for the day: fat furry happy cats rolling around playing in the sun.

Bad thing for the day: Not having the foresight to take home a huge piece of bread and butter pudding from the cafe we had breakfast at this morning.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Shawl Progress Saturday

Since all and sundry have been calling this shawl the Dorian shawl, I decided to get Dorian to do some modelling for me. By which I mean I waited until he was asleep on my lap and draped the shawl over him.

I think it suits him.

Meanwhile, over on her daddy's lap, Lulu becomes aware that Dorian is having his picture taken AND NOT HER.

It is an absolutely glorious day here. The sun is shining brightly, and there is that Spring smell in the air. Soon Gibbering will arrive to take me out to breakfast, and afterwards Dave and I have serious plans to lie very still on a blanket in the park and snooze. I mean read.

Good thing for the day: Gorgeous gorgeous weather. And Dave doesn't have to work this weekend, so we may actually... spend some time together.

Bad thing for the day: After sitting here thoughtfully chewing on my fingernail and gazing into the distance, I can't think of one.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Laceweight Friday

This is the place from which I purchased this gently variegated loveliness....

SO PRETTY. The colour variegations are really slow and subtle, so I think it'll work really well for a lace project. It's much finer than I usually use, so I'll have to think long and hard about pattern and needle size. But - pretty!

In the meantime, I'll just continue to take it out and fondle it every now and then. It's very soft. Mmm.... soft.....

Well, short post from me today - off to work. Short day - I'm having lunch with E and her son N.

Good thing for the day: It's Friday!!!!
Bad thing for the day: Ummm...... none yet? I don't want to say that too loud in case the Depression Monster hears!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yesterday's News

This is the shot I meant to post yesterday! Ain't it pretty? I love the way the variegation in the yarn gives it those subtle stripes. It gets handed over to Gibbering tonight - I may even be able to get a modelled shot!

I love variegated yarns. Especially for socks. Which will be news to all and sundry, I'm sure. Heh. I love watching what the yarn is doing with the pattern - I've never even tried to make two socks match exactly, or to stop the pooling or flashing - it's all good. I've never been tremendously fond of matching socks full stop, so socks which are made from the same yarn but have different looks because of the way the yarn has behaved are just perfect.

Anyhoo, best get off to work nice and early this morning - I have to leave early to accompany poor Dave to his final root canal appointment.

Good thing for the day: I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in weeks. It felt gooooood. And let's face it, you can never be too red or too sweaty! Urgh.

Bad thing for the day: I forgot to take a photo of my new lusciously gorgeous laceweight I bought on E-Bay The Devourer of Credit Cards, so you'll just have to wait til tomorrow....

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

FO Wednesday!!

Halt human! Come no closer to my damp woolly perch!

After forcible removal of the Lulu, this is what we see: a Faroese shawl from Folk Shawls, done in Marta's variegated 2-ply, on 2mm circs. Yes, you read that correctly. 2mm circs. I wanted to see what would happen if I knit a shawl with laceweight on tiny needles, and it turns out you get a smaller shawl. Woah. I honestly thought I'd get bored with this after a few rows, but I enjoyed it so much that I kept going and going and somewhat surprised myself by actually finishing it. It was claimed by Gibbering at our girl's night the other night - I was displaying the almost finished object, and Gibbering and E were oohing and aahing as was their duty. Gibbering asked what I was going to do with the finished object. I said I had no idea - as you know, I often don't know who something is for until I've finished it. You could see the wheels turning in Gibbering's head - "Wow! Nice colour! I wish I had a shawly thing in lovely greens! Hang on a minute...." Her eyes lit up and I was happy to promise it to her. Nothing like your handknits going to appreciative recipients!

I was asked the other day whether I would accept money for one of my shawls, or if I would allow a potential recipient to buy the yarn. I categorically refused. I enjoy the entire process so much - yarn buying, project planning, knitting, and the actuall giving of the gift - that to ask for money as well seems like sheer greed. I love to knit, and if someone gives me an excuse for knitting, so much the better!

Good thing for the day: Finished Object!
Bad thing for the day: Time to go to work. Ick.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Purple Thing Tuesday

This is the yarn I've ordered to make a thing for a person.

This shows the pretty yarn better, but the top picture is more accurate for colour.

I had one of THOSE meetings today at work. It was slated to go for two hours. It went forty minutes over. In a small warm stuffy room. I was literally falling asleep every thirty seconds. It was exhausting! Next time I'm bringing a small vat of coffee.

Good thing for the day: Three blog posts in a row! Wooo!

Bad thing for the day: can't blog eating

Monday, August 14, 2006

A Grey Thing

Behold the trembling awakenings of my next project!

Behold also the yarn from which it shall be created!

I've just started a shawl on 2.5mm needles using 2ply laceweight yarn. And I'm really enjoying it. Possibly a heretofore undiscovered character flaw. But it's so soft! And the little stitches are so cute! And I seem to be finding the miles and miles of garter stitch very soothing at the moment. Urge to kill fading.....

We just watched the first episode of season four of Wire in the Blood. Mmmm... Robson Green.....

And I got to order yarn! Yarn for a present for a friend! So it didn't count! Did it?! DID IT?! Heh, I thought not.

Oooh, and I must apologise to my lovely contest winner - I went to post your prize today at lunchtime, and I cunningly took the piece of paper with my work hours for the last two weeks on it rather than, oh, let's say, the paper with your mailing address on it. But I will post it tomorrow! I promise!

Thank you all for your lovely comments on yesterday's post. I wasn't fishing for compliments ( I don't do compliments well - I tend to either pretend I haven't heard them or immediately flatly deny whatever it is I'm being complimented on), but it it really really warmed my heart and cheered me up immensely to hear from you all. Must. Resist. Using "Y'all". In. Blog. As. I. Am. Not. American.

But. I love y'all! So there!

Good thing for the day: My lovely soft knitting and my lovely soft cats and my lovely wasp-free underwear.

Bad thing for the day: I wish I could stay up all night and knit. Sigh.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Gibbering's Green Thing

The fat fluffy paws of death jealously guard the new finished object.

Yes, you read that correctly - a finished object!!! But you don't get to see more pictures until I've soaked it and blocked it. So there.

Friday night I had a girl's night with Gibbering and E, and spent a great deal of time lying upside down on the floor so that E's son N could joyously pummel my face and try very hard indeed to stuff rice cake into my mouth. That kid is excruciatingly cute.

Yesterday I went to one of our Seasonal Lunches. Every three months or so a group of us get together and have a long rambling drunken lunch. Various people volunteer to bring courses, and we have a rollicking good time. You know you've done a lunch right when the end of the second course sees everyone around the table posing for photos using silver spoons to imitate wombat noses....... We started with a wonderful onion soup with roqueforte bechamel croquettes, paired with a potato and garlic soup. Then Dave served three omelettes with various fillings (including porcini mushrooms, yum!) and fresh asparagus spears cooked in balsamic vinegar. Then came my legendary Vegie Lasagne. The greatest compliment that far in to a noisy tipsy lunch party was when complete silence fell around the table as the guests concentrated on devouring lasagne! Then there was violet sorbet, summer pudding, chocolate cake, creme brulee, and a cheese course.... ooooof. We waddled, but we made it out alive. Such a lovely afternoon - lots of friends, more bottles of wine than people, and a six hour lunch. And, while the others went for a walk between courses, I got to sit and knit! A plan with no drawbacks.

Today, poor Dave had to work, so I stayed home and did much housework. And knitting. And now Lulu is snuggled up on my lap. So it's all good.

I have been a bit quiet lately - I didn't think anyone had noticed, but Gibbering and E are very good at smacking me around a bit (wahey!) and pointing out that there are people who love me and worry about me and notice when I'm not as prolific in my posting as usual. I'm yet again struggling with the heinous depression monster. I always cop it badly when the seasons start to change, I have no idea why - I'm fidgety and exhausted at the same time, I want to throw out everything I own except Dave, the cats and my stash and start over. I have too much stuff. All my books suck and my knitting hates me and is plotting my downfall. I will get over it, and I will feel better, but I thought I owed you ragged lot an explanation for my sporadic posting recently!

Good thing for the day: sitting in the lounge curled up on the comfy couch in the afternoon with the windows open to catch the sweet late winter breeze, with cats hanging about, a good dvd playing, and a new knitting project.
Bad thing for the day: Pizza is about to arrive for dinner. But I'm too tired and down to appreciate it or even want to eat it. Goddammit!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Shiny Mystery Yarn

I bought this yarn from ebay. The above is one strand - as you can see, wondrously splitty.

This is the label - Italian Straw knitting yarn. It's not straw, but it certainly looks kind of raffia-ish.

Because it's so splitty, though, it would be very easy to separate into single strands....

And I have thirteen skeins of it.

It was unusual, it was vintage, and it was cheap - AUD$20 for the lot plus postage. So, now the big question becomes - what in the name of all that's yarny do I do with it??

I think the mega splittiness would mean it would drive me out of my mind if I tried to knit straight from the skein. Winding it into single strands would be incredibly time consuming, but feasible.

It is a beautiful greeny olive colour, and it is lovely and shiny.

Any ideas?? Anyone??

Sunday, August 06, 2006

All Lulu Sunday

The Fat Fluffy Paw of Death

The Fat Fluffy Belly of Temptation

The Fat Fluffy Little Pink Tongue

When she gets really affectionate, she chews thoughtfully on your fingers.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Yum... a random ebay find. Basically, I think I got this lot because most of America was out watching Fourth of July fireworks at the time the auction ended!


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Update From the World of the Bitten Butt

Thank you all for your kind and not-so-kind comments!

Donna: Yes, you are absolutely right! It made it very difficult indeed! But I soldiered on. You would have been proud.

Cathy: Yup. See above. And yes, I am very cautious about my knickers these days!

Stephanie: That is very very sweet of you.

Sydney: Darn good point. I should have taken the opportunity to buy cashmere to soothe my wounded butt.

Ainsley: You are a deeply scary woman.

Mintaka: I wouldn't say that. Remember Hotel Kinki??

Pearl's Mother: Yes, I and my butt were quite the comic relief Monday morning.

Anne: Yep. OW doesn't begin to cover it.

MrsPao: *groan*

Damien: Oh yeah??

Pao: That was both unchivalrous and ungallant. Consider yourself chastised.

Carrie K: Thank you for the sympathy. Something my other commenters seem to have missed. Heh.

Chris: Yep. I was actually quite relieved that it was a wasp and not a spider, because the thought of having to rock up to the ER and get antivenin shot into my butt was oh so much worse than the pain.

Daniel: I don't know what you're on, but I hope you've brought enough for all of us.

Knit Wit: *Double groan*

Miriam: It's some sort of butt vendetta. I can tell.

Tink: It would be pretty hard to have the sympathy without the snigger. I'd snigger if it was you guys.

Farochvia: I couldn't say that anyway. Dave always takes it as a literal invitation.

All of these made me smile, but Stephanie was the one who made me laugh out loud! YAY Stephanie!! Email me at purple 6 at optushome dot com dot au and send me your snail mail addy - I am happy to send either yarn or candy, at your command!