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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

By Purplexity!

This is my newest button. Purplexity designed this one for me because I felt that all of us (that may actually be just me) loonies who knit single socks needed a rallying point, a cry for recognition in the paired sock autocracy!
And this - this is just gorgeous. This pic is Marlowe when he was a tiny little kitten, encountering vegetable matter for the first time. Typically, his first reaction was to chew on it, and Purplexity has now appropriately immortalised the occasion.

Oof, what else has been happening? Work has been stressy and hectic, but we've managed to keep the gym visits more or less on track, and I've fallen head over heels for my lastest knitting project and have completely abandoned every other project to work on it obsessively. The project? Soon, my pretties, soon!

Now I must whisk myself away to work before my thigh muscles decide that what I did to them at the gym this morning is a hanging offence.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I Got Presents!

From Crazy Aunt Purl: some of her beloved Patons Up Country and two rockin' cds full of music that you LURVE singing along to but don't admit it to anyone. We had dinner with Laurie and Faith at the Farmers Market and went to the Stitch n Bitch and it was ALL SO COOL. HIIII GUUUYSSS!!!
And from Chris - A Socktopus!!! So cool! AND a skein of Schaeffer Anne in beautiful purples and reds and indigos. Chris picked us up at the airport and greeted us and took us to get great coffee AND I got a present! Excellent. Chris was the perfect hostess - she took us to Yarnzilla because I would not SHUT UP until I got to go there, and to Depth of Field where I bought Even More Yarn, and then she let two complete strangers stay in her loungeroom and upset her felines. Thank you so much Chris! *hug*

Friday, May 18, 2007

An Ass-Tastic picture of some Gorgeous Yarn

Dyed by La's very own hands! Isn't it gorgeous?? If it wasn't for my awesomely mediocre camera skills, you'd see that it's even more gorgeous than this. The La gifted me with this (and some chocolate but I've already eaten that, duh - oh, and a soft squiggly pen shaped like a centipede which I am now using to sign government documents) as well as welcoming us into her home and feeding us and even more cool stuff which I will find the pictures for soon I promise.
Some of the yarn haul from the yarn store we went to with La. This is just the sock yarn. There was also some lace yarn, but I've put that somewhere cunning I think. We had such a good time with you La!

I went to the gym again this morning. Which I will KEEP mentioning every time I do it until the strangeness of it wears off for me.

Next: Two awesome birthday presents I got from other overseas hostesses!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Ahem... This is slightly embarrassing... This is the PILE O KOIGU I gathered on my trip to the US! I think this officially counts as a binge, don't you??
But look! CUTENESS!!!

Oooh, I have been gone awhile, haven't I? Work has been hectic, and I've just kind of been... unbloggy.

I have been to the gym twice this week! I've been feeling extremely flat and sluggish the last couple of weeks, and I'm hoping the gym will perk me up a little. And heck, I can use the endorphins! The least my mangy brain can do is produce some GOOD chemicals for a change!

Anyhoo, I've taken heaps of photos to share with y'all, and I will.

See you soon!