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Friday, March 31, 2006

Still Here and Under Deadline

You thought I'd forgotten all about Project Spectrum, didn't you??? Well, you'd be half right. I didn't forget, but I am on holidays, so I've been incredibly lazy about my blogging. I have a huge photo shoot this afternoon to document all the beautiful, beautiful things you guys sent me, but in the meantime, these are my Project Spectrum items. The first is my favourite bag of all time. it is small enough to carry easily, but big enough and with enough random pockets to store all sorts of knitting projects. Melbourne people, email me for this designer's address - her prices are amazingly good.

My first ever toe up sock - in the Lorna's Laces Flames colourway - when I finish the other one (stop snickering! I heard that!) they'll be gifted.

Detail from a painting by a local artist. I can't show you the rest cause it has rude bits.

So what have I been doing on my holiday so far? I've slept in, stayed up until 1am playing Diablo (I'm sure Chris knows what I'm talking about here), knitted, read, gone out for breakfasts, bought yarn, and watched dvds. And this afternoon, there is apparently a yarn store in Albert Park I haven't been too (not Wool Baa), so I'm off to investigate.

I've also been keeping an eye on mrspao and her piratical husband, who underwent a cornea operation last week and is recovering nicely. Mrspao has been stressing and stressing and stressing, and you should all go and send her good wishes. Now. I'll know if you haven't.

I also got to laugh myself silly (and no, it wasn't far to go) at possibly the best cat pictures ever - Chaos getting to grips with his new catnip mousie.... this is just adorable. And the shittykitty seems to agree.....

And, in particular, the other Kelly is having something of a weight/health crisis that I can completely relate to - would anyone be interested in a little noncompetitive weight loss/exercise support group? I know I could use one! And go give Kelly good wishes. I'll be watching.

I am feeling really guilty for neglecting you guys, but I am back on track now, and there will be a photo Extravaganza (and I used a capital letter here so you'd know I'm serious) tomorrow.

And, it's been so long since I posted a Freaky Friday link, that I thought I'd put up something special......

Hey, it could have been worse!!

Good thing for the day: I have a lapful of big grey cat who loves me. Awww.
Bad thing for the day: Knitting or computer game? Decision, decisions!


Blogger Chris said...

*twitch twitch*
Diablo 2...
*twitch twicth*

Aw, thanks re: the crazed and drugged kitty pictures! Eliza definitely has some topgrade catnip to hand, doesn't she?!

1:16 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

You know, a non-competive lose weight a long isn't a bad idea at all! I wish I knew how to make a cool button for it. Poor Kelly, I wrote a similar post myself last week.

2:21 PM  
Blogger mrspao said...

Hmmm .. I think I feel another button coming on....

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:41 AM  

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