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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Umm... errr...... *fidgets bashfully*


Thank you all so much! I really wasn't fishing for compliments, but boy it was nice to get so many! You guys!

It was really hard work to read all those nice things you said. I had to admit that at least some of them are TRUE. BIG concession there from Miss Self Esteem Free Since 1982!

I've been crocheting madly away on a blankie of sock yarn scraps. It looks Great. Dave asked me how it was going and I said, Ohhh, okay I guess. He looked at me and asked what I would think of it if I saw it on someone else's blog. I said I'd love it and think the person was wicked talented and I would immediately Need to Make one of My Own. He said Well then. I said Oh. Yep, this giving yourself credit thing is tricky, no doubt about it.

Pics to follow soon, I Promise.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Oooops. Sorry guys did it again, didn't I??

I've been sick. And tired. And sick and tired. But after a bracing argument with my shrink last night, it's time to pull my socks up and get back into things. My poor shrink. I DID warn him that I'm stubborn! I walked into my appointment last night and said "My life SUCKS." He started giggling. I rest my case.

We had deep discussions last night about my abysmal self-esteem and the breathtaking double standards I have for valuing other people versus valuing myself. The shrink pointed out that the qualities I admire and appreciate in others I am giving myself no credit for whatsoever. If other people are nice, I give them credit. If I'm nice, it's not worth anything. So I have to start rewarding myself for the good things about me, which is going to be tricky as I'm not used to looking for good things about myself. So. Um. One good thing about myself.

*crickets chirping in the silence*

Oooof. Maybe I'll come back to that!

Crafting continues. I'm currently working on no less than two crocheted blankies, plus the Secret Project. I did have a sock on the needles, but I frogged - the yarn was driving me nuts, and it meant I was avoiding sock knitting altogether. Which is a Bad Thing. I haven't knit a sock in WEEKS. I have a sack full of nicely wound sock yarn, a stack of books and patterns to choose from, my favourite sock needles empty and at the ready, I've surfed lots of blogs for socky inspiration, but....nothing! I'm sure the Sock Mojo will return, but I'm always slightly anxious until it does. Darn feckless Sock Mojo hussy. Hasn't stopped me falling deeply in lust with various yarns on the web, but I'm saving my money for the Bendigo Sheep & Wool fair next month. Dave and I are going and so are my mum & stepdad. So I get a day with my mum & stepdad, yarny goodness at the fair, and a side trip to Bendigo Woollen mills to round off the day. Excellent.

Lesseee.... the cats are fine, although Lulu is using her FFPoD (Fat Fluffy Paws of Death) for evil and seems to be bullying Meiko for fun. We're trying to put a stop to it, but Lulu is a vengeful little thing when she puts her mind to it. Dorian has gotten more cuddly since the colder weather is upon us, and Marlowe canters around the house like a lunatic as usual.

So. A good thing about myself. Sheesh. I'm a total sucker for animals of all kinds - I think that's a good thing on the whole.

And how are you all doing?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Hi there! I am blogging from work early in the morning (well, 7.30am here in Melbourne) just so that I can post and reassure myself that I can still post stuff on a semi-regular basis. But, I'm posting from work, so no pics to post this post.

My newest obsession that I wrote about in my last post has been temporarily put aside so that I can work on a secret project, the yarn for which arrived yesterday. It's callllllling me! But I can't show you that or even tell you much about it, cause it's seeeecret.

What have I been doing? Saturday Gibbering and I babysat our friend's 19 month old toddler for five hours. He's adorable, he loves us, he was astonishingly well behaved (except for one decibel-rich tantrum), and he napped for a whole hour of that five hours, but he still completely wiped the two of us out. How do you people with kids do it??

Work is still astonishingly stinky, crazy, stressful and overworked. I estimate that each of my team members is doing around two and a half full time job's worth of work, which will probably only increase from here on in. Sigh. My desk is a TIP.

What I really want to do is pully my other current project out of my bag and keep working on it: I'm crocheting again. I'm crocheting a big granny square rug (as in like a big giant granny square, not a big rug made up of little granny squares) from some yarn I got courtesty of Yarnivorous' stash clearing. On Saturday night I stayed home and taught myself to crochet the granny square. I KNOW HOW TO LIVE IT UP, YEEEEEHAW! I'm finding it quite soothing once I get into the rhythm of it, actually. And watching people catching sight of me crocheting in the car on the way home in the afternoons is very funny. They seem to think it's something you should only do in private, like picking your nose or something. Not that I would.

Anyhoo. I have a big stressful day ahead of me, and to cap it all off I have a dentist appointment tonight. Yay me.