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Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Know What You're All Here For!

Ow, The Cuteness It Burns My Brain!

She has now completely accepted Dave and I as littermates and playmates. She spent ALL FREAKING NIGHT last night running, bouncing, biting, playing and swatting at our heads. We are very very tired today! But she's a happy, sweet affectionate little kitty and we love her. We are currently interviewing prospective new owners for her amongst our friends. We would love to keep her, but we already have four cats, and five in our size house would just be ridiculous.

Had to pause a bit there while my hand was savagely played with.

Must go - it's brutally stinking hot here and the laptop gives out too much heat.

More kitten pics to come!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ta Da!

Is the cutest face ever or what????

We managed to catch her last night! We were worried she would be wild or feral and we'd be unable to rehabilitate her - as you can see from the above photo, not so much. She spent most of the night hissing and growling and getting her head stuck in the mesh of the cage and having to be freed with wire cutters, but today she went to the vet for her shots and tonight she is much more social. She has been sitting on my lap, purring, washing herself, and even playing. She's currently hiding on the bottom shelf of my bookcase in the bedroom, but we're dragging her out every hour or so and cuddling her, which she seems to enjoy once she's there.

And she's da sweetest widdle fing!! My brain + kitten = mush.

She's shut in our bedroom with us and the other cats have been sniffing curiously under the door - I think they're mostly miffed because we're removing food from the Catfood Cupboard of Wonder and not giving it to THEM.

More cuteness to follow!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yay! Back Again!

Zombie Marlowe trying to keep cool by exposing his little grey belly to the breeze.

Sorry, sorry, I know I vanished again. Life has been smacking me around a bit. One of my best friend's mother passed away recently after a long illness and it was tragic and hard and I have been worrying about my friend.

Also, it has been getting hotter here as the dreaded Summer lurches into view. I don't do well in the heat. I hate it. With a deep and abiding passion. So I tend to shut down a little when summer comes along. But! We have signed a deal with our landlords whereby we install airconditioning and they don't raise the rent for specified period of time. Financially, we will come out ahead, and we will have the Transcendant Bliss of Cool Air on Demand in Defiance of the Horrible Hotness.

The other thing which has been stressful is that we have stray kitten living under the house. Needless to say, we've been leaving food and water out for it, but it's terrified of us. I'm not coping too well with having a poor baby kitten so near by that I can't pick up and cuddle and adore and overfeed. We're trying to work out a plan to trap it so that we can look after it properly.

But there have been good things. I have not blocked the Finished Blankie because of the hotness, but I have been knitting. And ripping. And knitting. And ripping. And knitting. Dave gave me a KnitPicks Options needle set for our anniversary (13 years! Awww!) so I have been playing happily with those.

And I feel much better about my stash after seeing this incredible blog post.

So how are you all doing, hmmm?