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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Marlowe helping me with some notes I was trying to take yesterday.

Well, things are moving right along here in the newly consecrated Crazy Cat Lady Formerly Known as Peeve Household. Marlowe is getting cockier and cockier, has decided he's a Daddy's Boy, and last night purred at us for the first time.

Lulu is still hissing death threats, but she hasn't retreated to the top of the wardrobe in a huff like the last time, which is progress. She's hissing her threats live and in person, and occasionally from in the same room while she observers the usurper.

Dorian loves Marlowe. He particularly loves the fact that the kitten gets fed food Dorian's not allowed to eat. We are reacquainting Dorian with the Squirt Bottle of Discipline.

Meiko has worked out that she shares two hobbies with Marlowe: scrunched up balls of paper and scrabbling around behind the couch. This has led to several sessions of chasing each other round and round and round the loungeroom - I think Meiko has finally worked out that the kitten might actually be fun!

And Marlowe thinks they're fantastic. Apart from the hissy one - he thinks she's boring. Last night he threw a complete tantrum because he was shut in the bedroom with us for the night and the other cats weren't and he wanted to play with them NOW.

This blog post would have been completed a lot sooner if it wasn't for a small grey kitten dashing across my keyboard every couple of minutes and discovering Firefox functions I didn't know existed!


Blogger Pearls Mother said...

Aaaaw, he's so cute,
you must be having so much fun with him!

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Carrie K said...

Helpful! And so cute. Glad to hear the family is adapting well. Well, except for Lulu. Poor Lulu.

11:25 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

If he manages to download any really cool Firefox extensions, let me know!!! How long did it take Lulu to come around with the last kitten?

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Sydney said...

Glad to hear Marlowe is settling into his new home. Poor Lulu though. Sounds like she's making progress at least.

12:54 PM  

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