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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cause I am Technologically Incompetent

Hi Chris! This is another photo of Lulu, hopefully further demonstrating the fluffiness. Here she is expressing her approval of Dave taking his afternoon nap on the bed, which is where she likes to take her afternoon nap. And she loves company! Dave wasn't game to move his leg away until Lulu indicated she was finished with it.

I am posting these pictures in separate posts cause I can't yet figure out how to space photos down a post instead of having them all pile up at the top.


Blogger Chris said...

Oh, that's a great photo of Lulu!! She looks very comfy there with her personal human leg.

If you put all of your pictures in one post, you can, with some effort, drag them down to where you want them. Or you can do the pictures first, then press Enter to get space between them to type.

I don't think that Blogger is very intuitive about some of that stuff!

9:20 AM  

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