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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dorian Part Two

Hi Rhelynn! This is another photo of Dorian, steadfastly patrolling the perimeter to ward off any stray cats. This photo also belies the fact that when he was a kitten he was terrified of grass and and wouldn't go near it.

Thanks for the comments on my sock! I used some Australian dyes called Landscapes Dyes for Wool by a company called KraftKolour. I was intending to dye this yarn in purple and grey stripes, but of course I poured too much dye onto the skein and all of the colours smooshed together. But I really like the way it has turned out, and I'm enjoying seeing the way the colours knit up!


Blogger RheLynn said...

He looks very cute, not wild at all ;o) Looks can fool, hmm? Our kitten Willow freaked out the first time she saw grass too!

I put up a picture of Doria (before she went 'wild') at Photobucket. Her brother Yeller is going after her tail in the background.

Your Mom was truly brave to let you and your sister go overseas by yourselves on a trip!

I think I've heard of the dye you mention, in Spin-Off magazine. It will be a few years before I have wool of my own to spin ;o) but I'm keeping a journal. Thanks!

3:05 AM  
Blogger Peevish said...

Rhelynn, that photo is gorgeous! What a pair of cuties! And I love Yeller in the background oh so innocently about to take a bite out of her tail!

6:27 AM  

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